Revoltech 2G No. 2 Alter Saber

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Please visit for the toy review!

Please visit for the toy review!


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Revoltech 2G no. 1 Saber

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Saber from the Fate/Stay Night is the first unit from the second Generation of Revoltechs. It was released on May 1, 2007. The line was called 2nd Generation or 2G in short because its not sculpted by Yamaguchi but Tomohide “Eyewater” Inoke. Tomohide had sculpted 4 designs to date(Dec 2007).
Tomohide did a great job on Saber! From my count it has 14 revoltech joints and a whooping 20 points of articulation making you do as many poses as possible. It came with 2 swords, excalibur and a transparent sword, and a display stand.
The face is kinda blank though considering she is has to fight and use a sword but it was sculpted perfectly. The swords were also a bit too long to hold with one hand. its either to long or to thin. But when hold by both hand it fits perfectly. My Saber also had an inverted revoltech joint on both legs when i received it so i have to pull it out and re attached it myself. I NEED A REVOPLIER NOW! hehehe.. but it was no biggy.
Downside is the skirt is quite heavy for the base, that a slight vibration can knock her down.
Overall, Saber is one of the most creative, kick-ass revoltechs!
So you don’t have to be a perv to buy it ! hahahhaa……

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