Revoltech No. 30 Dix Neuf

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My second Revoltech Unit is Dix Neuf. It’s still from Kaiyodo and designed by the very talented Katsuhisa Yamaguchi, who sculpted most of the Revoltech figures.

Dix Neuf is from the anime sequel of Gunbuster titled “DIE BUSTER”. just so you know, DIX Neuf is the french word for 19 and is pronounced as DISU-NUFU.

You could say this one is my favorite between my first 2 revoltech figures. Its design is very impressive.

The cape is so cool that i can’t keep my camera off and shoot as many aerial moves and butt kicking stunts from Dix neuf. The cape is made of rubber which is attached by two revoltech Joints at the back. And there are rocket like hole details at the bottom of the cape which gives a flying like effect.

The only downside is that when bending the knees, you have to force it down hard wich is quite scary when handling a revoltech since parts can still be ordered in Japan. But overall, its still my favorite! Lots of revoltech joints for limitless poses and moves, cape makes it even cooler, and the stand makes Dix-neuf fly!

The Dix-Neuf Box comes with
-like any other revoltech figure it comes with a stand
-a spiked weapon called the BUSTER GATOR
– An alternate head
– A big Metellic Oni Face that can be a substitute for the cape

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Revoltech 22 AV-X0 Ingram 0 in Action

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In December 2007, I got to play with my first Revoltech, a Patlabor!


The design is very detailed but I was kinda dissapointed because it has only eight Revoltech joints.

The shoulders and the hips are monoshaft giving it limited movements. Was wishing that the hips were revoltech joints, so it could do high kicks! hehehe.

Setting aside the limited movements and few revoltech joints, its modern and sharp looks make it a great addition to any Gashapon and Trading Figure Collection.


The AV-XO Pacakge comes with
– Stand
-A shield that attaches to the right arm
-2 variant hands
– 1 variable head
– an extension arm

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Summer Hangover

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Summer 2009 was very busy for me and massage was the only thing that kept me destressed. But before summer ended, I promised myself to catch a little sun and get my lazy butt out of my office chair and have some summer fun under the golden sun! And yeap, I did! I have to say, it was a relaxing day at Maribago Bluewater Beach Resort. The smell of fresh sea breeze on my face was a relaxing enough to make me just want to lie on the sand and sleep (since i was deprived of sleep last summer because of work hehehe). But my sleepy head had been enjoying too much that I was so high and awake, like I had a shot of Starbucks Blackeye. There’s just so much to do at Maribago Bluewater Cebu, like play giant chess, photograph sights, EAT and lucky for me, witness a romantic wedding at their man made island. But what really made my Maribago stay a relaxing experience was the warmth smiles and great service of Maribago Bluewater Beach Resort Staff. And because of that great service, they were featured by Cathy Aya-ay of ABS CBN for Maayong Buntag Kapamilya. Watch the Maribago Bluewater Video and see what’s Maribago Bluewater’s edge!

But even if summer has ended, the craving for the sand, sun and the beach has not sink in to my skin. And the much needed vacation I need I hope is near. And am eyeing for the beautiful island resort of Sumilon, Sumilon Bluewater Island Resort. That’ll be my temporary heaven for a day, i hope!

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photo credit: Sumilon Bluewater Island Resort

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Kablaaam on my Fave Mash!

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My siblings and I share the same love for Mashed potatoes. and we would agree that the best Mashed Potato in town is at Dessert factory!

Just recently, my bro Edd and I had dinner with our friends at Dessert Factory Ayala Center Cebu to grieve our failed attempt to watch HP6 because tickets were sold out!

Edd and I were boasting that Dessert Factory’s Mashed Potato was the best in town and a must try! The smooth mashed poatato topped with oozing hot and delicious gravy which we shared and enjoyed with everyone until Edd chewed on something….. a sticker!

fortune mashed Potato!

Yeap, a sticker! We were laughing around jokingly saying “CONGRATULATIONS” like it was a price or words of wisdom from a fortune Cookie! We called for a manager to report the incident and in a few minutes a manager came. Edd narrated the unfortunate incident and the first thing that came out of the Manager’s mouth was “DILI TINGALI NA SA MASHED POTATO SIR, SA CHIKEN TINGALI NA!” (it might not be from the mashed potato but from the Chicken). And suddenly our table went silent and blank faces clouded the table! DUH! It really wouldn’t matter on where it came from, it’s there and she should have apologized and it would have been okay. But noooo, her follow up statement was “sure ka sa Mashed potato na sir” (are you sure it’s from the Mashed potato).” Again our faces went blank and eyes rolling around the table seeing Pao, Greg and Shake starting to get annoyed and irritated. So we asked fot he bill, and the manager’s resolution was to have the mashed potato on the house. So when we got the bill, there was MASHED POTATO on the bill! so much for a resolution. Greg was so pissed off so he called the manager again! and reported the Mashed potato on the bill which was supposed to be slashed off the bill. So we have to wait again for around 5 minutes for the refund. And when the manager came back, she also had slashed the buffalo wings off the bill. Resolved? Not really. It’s not what was slashed off the bill, but the service and the sincere apology should have been the resolution.

Though this may be a bad experience with one of my fave restos in Cebu, would still love to comeback to Dessert Factory! (I love their Buffalo wings, Boneless Crispy Pata, Pork Belly and my fave Mashed Potato) I just hope the people at the kitchen should be more careful with what they serve and managers/supervisors should be trained better with situations like this.

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Free Baller Bands until tomorrow

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Yeap, they are free when you upsize your Mcdo meals to Coke Zero when ordering online!
Coke Zero Baller Bands

Though my first experience with the Mcdo online ordering system was frustrating, I think it’s a great idea they have the system. The experience was frustrating because I specified on the remarks section of the Fill out Form that I would not be ordering if the baller bands are not available, but when our orders arrived, the baller bands were not delivered. I have to call the order hotline twice and there were even no update calls from the branch that catered our order making the experience more frustrating. so much for customer service!

But yeah, Baller bands were delivered 4 hours after the orders were delivered.

I would still be ordering online because its convenient, but Mcdo staff receiving should be more attentive!!!!!

to order online and get your free baller band visit .
Promo is until July 17, 2009 and is not valid for breakfast orders.

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Jacobo’s Bistro

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Jacobo’s Bistro, a newly opened resto bar in Cebu, is quite a neat place. Vic, Edd, Shake, Greg, Chai and I were looking for a new chillax place and found one! Jacobo’s Bistro, pronounced as Hacobos, is located on the ground floor of the building across i1(at the back of Tara’s Cafe, IT park).

Jacobo's Dining Experience

We ordered Mashed Potato(35php), Plain Rice(30php), Jacobo’s Crispy Pata and Salt and Pepper Spare ribs! I enjoyed the salt & pepper spare ribs for its semi sweet pepper chili taste and tender meat. And who doesn’t love Crispy Pata. Jacobo’s Crispy pata tastes like home made crispy pata with spring onions garnished on top of it! very yummy!

Jacobo's Crispy Pata

Jacobo's Peppered Ribs

What was great about Jacobo’s is the service.Very warm staff and very attentive waitresses.

Jacobo's Entertainment

With a few entrees(and mostly beer munchers) on the menu, that made me think it’s made more of a chillax place than a resto for dining; and not to mention the tables are quite small to fit 5 plates and 2 dishes on the middle(basing on our table size which was for 5peeps). But still we enjoyed the food and the place. There also was an acoustic band playing which made the place more welcoming.

Jacobo's Bill Holder

And Price is fair enough, being billed 905php for 2 dishes(huge crispy pata & Spare ribs), 5 drinks, 2 mashed potatoes and 7 Rice.

4 out of 5 stars For Jacobo’s Bistro!
Food – 4
Service – 5
Ambiance – 4

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