Boyz2Men Live in Cebu!

July 23, 2009 at 6:19 am (Events)

It was during 6th Grade I first heard of “End of the Road” by Boyz2Men. My aunt from the states sent me the Cassette Tape and had borrowed and brought my dad’s Walkman to school, because everyone else would be bringing one, hehe.


“Am Down Abandon Me!” hahaha. A line that my singer friend Arman use to sing and make fun of the lyrics of “on Bended Knees” in high school. It’s a joke that until now everyone laughs about during karaoke sessions!

boyz2men live in cebu

BOYZ2MEN Live in Cebu! It fell on a Wednesday and is for the benefit of Cebu Street Children! Surprisingly a lot of seats where empty! Is it because it’s a Wednesday? Nonetheless, Boyz2Men were great!

boyz2men live in cebu

And yeah yeah, i only heard 3 1/2 songs because there were no parking spaces left and had to park at IT park and walk all the way to Waterfront! But still enjoyed the 25mins of Boyz2Men! hehe

boyz2men live in cebu!

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